Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I went with a large group yesterday evening to La Saigonnaise in Quimper to open the festivities of the Chinese New Year. We had a really good evening, the food was good, and they did a little dragon dance, just for us!

You can just see my blonde fringe behind the nearest lady above!

And today I went to l'Instant T, a nice little restaurant that does lunches (I lunched with Yves there last week) and teas, and had hot chocolate and a slice of gâteau breton au caramel au beurre salé, with another small group! Delicious. This is a photo of their very comfortable tea room:


  1. Hi Caroline, I went to my google account, and I now can comment on your other blog. I love the photo of the tea shop. We have one in San Francisco called Lovejoy's. They have all antique furniture, the tea cups are different from each other, and I think you can buy the cups as well as the tea!!! I always feel I am back in England in one of those cute tea shops.

  2. I'm delighted, no one comments here because google make it so difficult for people. That tea shop in Quimper is almost like having tea and cake at home, except that you don't have to do it. So quiet and comfortable.