Thursday, 16 February 2012

Well we finally had a few snowflakes for about half an hour here last Friday! We were beginning to feel a bit left out of things here on the Costa Finistère. It has hardly even frozen, just a little more the last two mornings when we have had -5, but it quickly warmed up to 6° yesterday with a bit of sunshine.

But even here, the weather has forced the price of vegetables up 33%. My usual 3€ went up to 5€15 (I took an extra cabbage as well).

All the talk of snow and ice has got me knitting socks, one pair last week, another finished last night. It's very rewarding, they go quickly, use up odds and ends of wool, and are very comfy to wear.

My new blog on Wordpress is doing well  -  (do go and have a look and sign up if you haven't already) and I get a few new followers every day. But it's extremely time consuming. And they won't let me run ads or affiliate links which I really need in order to earn a bit of money. So rather than leave Wordpress and lose my nascent following, I think I'm going to set up an identical blog here and just copy posts each time.

The sun reached my back, north facing terrace for the first time at midday two days ago, just a corner of it, but it's a sure sign that winter is almost over... and that I shall have to put the power hose over everything soon.

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