Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Well actually it turns out to be something quite common.  I went out yesterday morning with my secateurs to trim little extraneous bits off my crab apple tree and nearly cut a caterpillar in half! Luckily it dropped off as soon as I touched it with the tip of the secateur. But the camouflage was amazing.

I've looked it up and its a Biston betularia (so should never have been on my crab apple at all except that it fitted in so neatly). And the butterfly it turns into camouflages just as well. There are apparently several forms of this butterfly. I've downloaded this second picture from the web, I hope no one will mind, the first picture is mine.

Interesting, huh?

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I popped back to Dorset for a long weekend from 17 to 22 June officially to attend Patrick Carson's 70th birthday party, which was very nice, and to see the family. Nicholas couldn't come down unfortunately, but I had a lovely weekend with splendid weather. You'll be surprised to hear I am thinking seriously of moving back to England. But I have to sell my house here first and that won't be until next Spring. I am hesitant because of the cultural aspects, language, food, markets, the beautiful scenery and coast here in Brittany, but Dorset is beautiful too, the climate very much the same, and though I shall have to speak English at least I have Steve's "Trencherman's" nearby for good food! The sea is not too far away, I would have absolute peace in the countryside (which is far from the case with my neighbours here in Quimper), and family around me. More of that in future posts.

I managed to finish my hallway in June, it's now painted, papered and re-floored and looks neat, clean and bright. A good selling point when people walk into the house.

I have been picking loads of raspberries from my jungly garden where they grow and multiply freely. This year has been so sunny that they have ripened as never before and funnily enough, the birds haven't touched them. My favourite fruit!

And then I had a visit last week from my Norwegian cousin Hakon and his wife Rona (Hakon is meant to have a little 'o' above the 'a' but I can't figure out how to do it on my keyboard). A most excellent visit, I felt very comfortable with them although we had never met before. In fact I only discovered his existence when I googled him last year, where would one be without internet?

And now I've gone into a lazy decline again, and can't be bothered to pick up a paintbrush and continue decorating the house, but I have been doing quite a lot of arty painting, which I may photograph for another time along with all the pottery I have produced this year. Nothing very marvellous, but interesting anyway to keep track.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Is it really six weeks since I last posted? I started this post on 5th June, so I'll publish it quickly before updating on more recent news.

I had my "Indian" couchsurfer/housesitters here for four days last week. They are so easy to look after. I drove them up to central Brittany on Thursday where they are looking after another house, and will fetch them back again on Wednesday morning in time to go to England the next day for a long weekend. They know the house well, and Ellie and UP are used to them now, so there should be no problem.

I have filmed Ellie and her rabbit (with the sound) so that you can see how she enjoys it:

And here is a picture of the two spider crabs I was given last week:

And of the piece of land I have been looking at in Kerity Penmarc'h:

which I have now definitely decided not to go ahead with. But it was in a nice position near the sea in a little fishing village atmosphere. Probably too much hassle involved, I can do without that.