Tuesday, 16 December 2008


After a bit of a frost last night, the day has turned out absolutely magnificent, one could imagine being in September or April! Brilliant sunshine, skies of a blue that almost hurt one's eyes, and a temperature of somewhere in the region of 13, with no wind at all.

I went to the gym for nearly an hour mid morning, then took Oslo straight to the beach at Kerleven (pronounced Kerleeveene) next to La ForĂȘt Fouesnant. I forgot my camera unfortunately to prove how lovely it was. I was wearing just a T-shirt and a light jacket and I was quite warm. We strolled at the water's edge for an hour, Oslo paddling in and out of the water, while I picked up nearly a kilo of cockles for my lunch tomorrow, a few interesting shells (a piece of a large sea urchin) and pieces of sea glass. Heaven!

Wish you were here!

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