Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Flippin' cold in Brittany!

Who said it never freezes in the Finistere? Very cold this week, the terrace behind the house is lethal, I'm afraid Oslo will slip and fall down the stairs.

I've finished spinning and plying the wool for Grama, here's what the skein looks like. I've knitted part of it, I think it'll be a bit thick for her, but never mind, at least she'll know I've made an effort and done something special.

I've also joined a new swap, it's getting to be quite a habit, but I rather enjoy it. This one is a birthday swap - 12 people each with their birthday a different month. So each person gets 11 parcels for their birthday. And since I'm January, I get to be first!
I booked my train tickets to go to London the weekend before my birthday yesterday. Took a long time, the site kept going wrong, then my card wouldn't work. Anyway I've done it, and it's worked out cheaper than the plane, because there's a special offer on Eurostar. It's also Chinese new year that weekend, might be fun in London.

The time is going by really fast, Nicholas will be here for Christmas in 10 days now. Must think about getting a little tree. I'm certainly not carting that enormous fake one down from the attic this year. Should have sold it on ebay, too late now for this year. And then, the person would have to come and fetch it, it's so huge. I wonder how many people in Quimper look at ebay for christmas trees?

In pottery this afternoon, I finished the little twisted sculpture of and Indian? touareg? woman with a baby, quite nice. And I almost finished the wall clock for the kitchen with a crab on it. More complicated than I thought, making the housing at the back for the clock mechanism.

I went to the gym three times last week, haven't been once this week. I'll go on Friday, tomorrow I want to go back to Ikea to return the stool I bought two weeks ago that I don't need, and to see about shelving for my bedroom.

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