Monday, 17 November 2008


About time I came back to blogging and related my new life in the Finistere. It's been over a year, I have so much to say that for months I have not known where to start.

I'm delighted with my new situation. The last posts before moving were a bit dejected, but actually, once here, I never looked back. I find it hard to believe/remember I ever lived in Le Mée, although I spent the major part of my life there. I don't miss my beautiful house (well, not often), or the garden (well sometimes). I occasionally miss neighbours, I do miss the few real friends I had there. But we keep in touch.

I love my funny little house here in Quimper. It wasn't exactly the ideal choice, it turns out, there's lots wrong with it, but I've made it comfortable, changed some things that really needed changing, it's warm and cosy, cheap to run, and living on the edge of town is quite good fun.

And of course there's the sea. I'll tell you more about that another day.

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