Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I went to the beach with Oslo yesterday, Tréguennec, the Atlantic beach with the blockhouse. It was not very promising weather when we left home, but at the beach there was brilliant sunshine. Oslo swam in her little pools around the blockhouse, and I ate two spring rolls I bought after leaving the gym (yes I've joined the gym just five minutes away, and I try to go three times a week). Not a very handy thing to eat on the beach, spring rolls, complete with dipping sauce, but I managed to make a little table on a rock out of the wind. I shared my Chinese almond cake with Oslo, but she dropped her share in the pool, and got water in her nose trying to retrieve it from the bottom. It was all soggy and sandy anyway.

This morning I have repotted my large bonsai in the new dish I have made for it, I'm rather pleased with the result. I can't show a photo yet, it needs trimming and to settle in to its new home. It looks a bit strange and artificial for the moment. It was nice weather earlier, it's cloudy and grey now. I'm off to pottery class in half an hour.

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