Saturday, 22 November 2008

A few of my latest creations

I take photos but most of the time, no one ever gets to see them. So here are a few of the things I've done over the last months:This is a Norwegian cardigan I did for Marius before going to the States in September. He's 2, I did it size 4 years, and it's only just big enough.

While I was in the States, I knitted a scarf for Cécile in Koigu, a wool I can't get over here. It's very fine and knits like cotton, but it's silk and wool.

I've been doing lots of things since I got back, but I can't show photos because they are Christmas presents. I'll take photos before I wrap them up and put them here in January! I sent off an enormous Christmas stocking that I knitted for Marius last week, but I forgot to take a photo beforehand.

And then I've been doing pottery and sculpture. A bit weird most of the time. I love my monster, but it is very difficult to photograph. And my fat lady, except that I decided to to her extremities pointy, and the points sort of curled a bit during the firing process. Never mind, that's why I go to classes.

The monster has only one eye, and a beaky nose/mouth, and is resting his chin on his hand. He looks very sad and tired and wistful. He just grew out of my hands and I love to reflect on what I had inside me at that moment that created a piece like this!

This is a bowl in the shape of a shell, that I've planted up with succulents.

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