Tuesday, 27 April 2010

ENGLAND, 1st - 6th APRIL

When I got back from India, I had one day to empty my suitcase, wash clothes, and pack another suitcase ready to take the plane from Brest to Southampton on 1st April. It was Easter Thursday but there were not many people on the plane. It's a very quick way of getting over to the south-west, the trip to Brest is quickly done, the flight takes just an hour, and the drive from Southampton home to Dorset takes an hour and a half roughly. My kind brother Michael met me at the airport. Without him I wouldn't be able to do it that way.

Grama in front of a plate of oysters!

We didn't have  very good weather over Easter weekend in Dorset. Nicholas came down from London on Saturday morning, and it was lovely to have a weekend to chat. Grama was on good form, she had had her 93rd birthday the weekend before. My brother Steve was quite free. So we all had plenty of time to get together. I opened oysters for everybody and did moules marinières at another meal. It's so handy having Steve on hand with all sorts of good food! And on Easter Sunday, the only day with any sunshine, we had lunch up at Michael's, lamb and roast potatoes.  After lunch we went for a walk with Steve, Nicholas and the dogs. Monday Nicholas took the train back up to London, and Tuesday morning I flew back to Brest. Uneventful, but a good family weekend.

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