Thursday, 29 April 2010


I have been home from my travels for three weeks. I collected Ellie who had been back at the breeder's for five weeks. She had grown to almost adult size. She's now nearly 6 months old. She's a very good quiet puppy, quite clean and has done no damage in the house (touch wood). She's trouble free as I hoped she would be and leaves no hair all over, but I have to say I do miss not having a labrador. I have to remind myself daily why I took such a small dog!

Ellie at the beach before I left for India

Today is the first day it has rained since I've been back! Quite something for Brittany. It's been really hot, just like summer in fact, with people sunbathing and even swimming at the beach. But today it's grey and wet, my plants will love it. I've been replacing some of the pots that cracked into a thousand pieces with last winter's frosts and I bought a few herbs yesterday, just two varieties of mint, some parsley, basil, a couple of tomato plants and a tiny flat rosemary plant, hope the slugs don't get it all.

I went to my pottery class yesterday too for the first time in two months, when I got back from India, the class had broken up for the Easter holidays. I finished a sort of hollow sitting chicken shape to keep salt in in my kitchen (it's called a main de sel in French), and another of my weird shapeless plant pots.

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