Monday, 10 September 2007

So I finally did it...

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while now. Today seems to be a good time, when I have a month left before leaving Le Mée and setting out on another course... Not easy with the 'r' missing from my computer, there seems to be an 'r' in every word I want to write. So if some of my prose is a bit shaky, just put in an 'r' or two and it'll probably look better!

Yesterday Yves and I went to the Marché Bio at Boursay where I did pottery classes all last year. We left around 11h00 and got there in time to book a table at the village restaurant. Visited the atelier and saw my frog (which was gigantic, but has much diminished in the 'cooking process'), and my lion's head fountain which looks good. Lots of long-haired, besandled bio people, une race à part, but quite good fun. Until the meal, which is honestly the worst I have EVER eaten, school and various canteens included, and took 2 hours because service was so awful... It is a great tribute to Yves that he kept his calm!
Once home, Jean-Claude was in the woodshed clearing things out for me, so I had to go and help, which I didn't really feel like doing because I was trying to digest my dreadful lunch. But between us all, we got the barn cleared and sorted, I just have to go to the dump with several loads. It all lasted so long, and I was so late getting dinner, that Yves stayed overnight, although he meant to go home Sunday evening, and only left at 9 this morning.
The carpenters turned up at 11h00 and have detached Cécile's painting from the kitchen and replaced it with a sheet of plywood, and have done a really fantastic door for Nicholas' shower. Quite regret leaving all that for someone else. It look good.

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  1. Hi Caroline, thanks for visiting my blog, was it mere chance that you ended up there ? :)

    Congratulations on starting a blog yourself. They say its therapeutic and addictive. I've experienced the addictive part, now waiting for the therapy to being :)

    Take Care
    See you soon