Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The last of the summer wine...

Last guests, last trips to the dump, last journey up to Quimper before accompanying the removal van, last of the sun or so it seems, it's getting very chilly.

My chickens and the duck went yesterday. People are so nice, the baker in Verdes (from whom I never ever buy bread but who tutoies me and calls me Caroline) sent her brother to catch them up with no help from me and take them off to his place. The barn is very silent...

I must go round looking for stray eggs so that they don't go rotten and surprise the Parisiens should they step on them!

The curtains have come down in my bedroom and bathroom and gone to the cleaners.

I've come to an agreement with the removal people and am not so worried about not having enough room in their truck.

So things are falling into place, and I can even take time out to write my blog.

The sun coming through the sitting room window this morning cast a lovely shadow from the bouddha on my mantelpiece. I didn't add sepia or anything, it was just like that.

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