Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Katharine Hepburn has been my role model for years. Someone less like me I think you couldn't find. But I keep trying in little ways! Those of you who know me well might find one definite similarity, but it wouldn't be politically correct to spell it out here!

This is part of an interview of her conducted in 1979. Thirty years ago... I wish I could get access to the whole interview. Anyone know how I might do that?

Time to catch up on friends and social!

In April, May and June I did quite a few ovs Sunday lunches, where I decided the theme and provided the main course (and sometimes either starter or dessert) and the people who wrote their names down brought wine, cheese, nibbles, dessert or starter. This was a good way to really get to know people, just 5 or 6 around the table. And of course the weather was glorious so most of the time we could eat outside.

I gave a lunch party for part of my pottery group beginning of July (I cut one of the party out of the photo! Sorry Monique!)

My friend Marcelle, my pottery teacher Cléa and her mother, Ariane, also a potter
And Ellie enjoyed the sun and the flowers!

I had another visit from my couchsurfer friend Tim, who upset a martini that I had just made him and did penance by slurping it up off the counter... (I don't think he'll be happy with me for posting this photo, but then maybe not, he has a good sense of humour...),

and a quick visit from Naresh and François-Xavier who are now settled in Normandy (after Delhi, quite a change in climate and the view out of the window).

My brother Steve came for a couple of days and treated me to not one, but two Michelin starred restaurants! Both were excellent. One in Loctudy, the other Pont Aven. The weather was lovely and we were able to eat outside on the terrace at home (when we ate in, which was not much!), but I only managed to get one very bad photo to prove he was here.

Can you see, he's having toast and Bovril for breakfast!

Svenja, whom I met last year in India, and again in Geneva when we had a reunion of some of the group who had been at the ayurveda boot camp together, came from Berlin for a week in August, her first time in Brittany:

And Yves was here for almost two weeks in August, a record! The weather was not magnificent, but we did manage to get out into central Finistère (Pont Coblant, montagne St Michel (not to be confused with Mont St Michel) and the burial chamber at Castell Ruffell, Coat Pincoat, just above Roudouellec, Finistère, of which a picture below, but when we went it had been nicely cleared and there was grass all around. Yves did a really good drawing of this.

We also went to the Chapelle de Beuzec a lot,

a really beautiful spot and quite quiet compared to the rest of the area, with a chapel and a calvaire, and nearby a piece of land for sale that I would really really like to buy (if I won the loto!). There is also a holy well (quite a long way from the chapel) which has been renovated very successfully.

Yves did another good drawing of this. I say "we" paint and draw, but in fact I walk the dog most of the time. I'm not good at drawing, and my sort of painting has to be done in my studio, not outside. Still, I have gathered lots of material to work on at home this winter.

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  1. Have you read Hepburn's autobiography? It's very much in her eccentric "voice".
    Hepburn, Katharine (1991). Me: Stories of My Life. Alfred A. Knopf. ISBN 0679400516.