Friday, 3 September 2010


The life boat at Loctudy

Looks quite big, but it wasn't, the claws were virtually empty and the body of both came to about eight mouthfuls (but nice...!)

Now I know you are going to find this difficult to believe, but I just lunched on not one, but two free lobsters! Very, very small mind you (otherwise I could hardly have eaten two could I!), but free nonetheless. I went to get my vegetable basket at Loctudy this morning, and as usual went on to the fishing port to get my fish for the week direct from the boats. I bought some "dos de colin" which I'm going to do for guests on Sunday in a coconut thai curry, four sardines (3€ the kilo), a lovely big mackerel (3,50€ the kilo) and when I went to pay, she split two cooked lobsters and put them in a bag for me. I protested that I had not asked for lobster, but she insisted that they were giving them to people with a "carte de fidélité" (that is, I'm a faithful, albeit only once a week, customer). (I think they must have over-estimated the number of tourists still around and cooked too many?) So I said, well thank you very much, pocketed the lobsters and bought a bit of mayonnaise from a charcuterie on the way home. If I'd known, I wouldn't have bought so many sardines!

What with lunch and the heat, I'm feeling quite comatose...

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  1. alors,how was "lobsters" did your guest like it? I know les Bretons are very gentilles....
    so,when are you coming back to India? and how was your visit to Suisse ......