Sunday, 18 July 2010


Is it really six weeks since I last posted? I started this post on 5th June, so I'll publish it quickly before updating on more recent news.

I had my "Indian" couchsurfer/housesitters here for four days last week. They are so easy to look after. I drove them up to central Brittany on Thursday where they are looking after another house, and will fetch them back again on Wednesday morning in time to go to England the next day for a long weekend. They know the house well, and Ellie and UP are used to them now, so there should be no problem.

I have filmed Ellie and her rabbit (with the sound) so that you can see how she enjoys it:

And here is a picture of the two spider crabs I was given last week:

And of the piece of land I have been looking at in Kerity Penmarc'h:

which I have now definitely decided not to go ahead with. But it was in a nice position near the sea in a little fishing village atmosphere. Probably too much hassle involved, I can do without that.

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