Friday, 6 February 2009


And I'm a year older!

As usual, I made a trip to London to stay with Nicholas and Marlena for the weekend. I had a really good time, even if I did have my mobile phone stolen. They looked after me wonderfully well as they always do, and the weather was OK for at least half the time! It's a bit of an all day journey from Quimper, but it's lovely to get a change of scene.

Yves flew up the morning of my birthday and we went to my pottery class together in the afternoon. We wanted to eat out, but everything seemed to be closed, so I stuck a chicken in the oven, and we had chicken and chips and a bottle of champagne - perfectly acceptable! The next evening proved to be just as bad, but we managed to go down into town and have a couscous which was very good, and very quick, we were back home by 21h00!

Cécile gave me some more lovely wool, this time a batt to be handspun. It's a beautiful sea green, and I couldn't resist spinning just a bit to see what the result was, but now I've put it aside while I finish a couple of the three hundred or so projects I have en route.
Nicholas is having a couple of very special portraits he did of himself and Cécile mounted on canvas for me. But for the moment he's more occupied with getting ready to go on holiday to Thailand tomorrow for a couple of weeks.

It snowed here at the beginning of the week, we must have had about 4 cm in all, and it stayed on the ground for a whole day! Nothing like Dorset or London, but a lot for the Finistere. All the rest of the week it's been pouring with rain, more typical of the region, but I prefer snow!

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