Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I never did put pictures here of the things I created for the Star swap I participated in during December. It was the first time I'd done this sort of thing, and I wasn't quite sure of the rules, what to do, how much, how much time to spend, how much money to spend, etc. Anyway, this is the "creation" bit of the parcel I sent out:

The title of the swap was "La TĂȘte dans les Etoiles", and the person I had to create for only liked purple and black and duck egg blue! So this first photo is a knitted headband in basket weave, and I stuck a few little stars on it just to make it fit the theme! First time I'd knitted basket weave, came out rather well. The photo doesn't really show it properly.

This is a 20cmx20cm painting (acrylics on canvas) of a night sky, little gold stars, with a leafless tree, an owl, and a phantomatic figure, all with their heads in the stars. I like it, I hope the recipient did too.

And then I did a brooch in felt, which was a bit large, but OK for a first try at this sort of thing. What I really like about swaps, apart from the care taken preparing things for someone one has never met and will never meet, is the fact that one has to work to a deadline, finish what one starts, and work to a given theme. It's very salutory for both creativity and rigour.

Just before Christmas I took part in a day's course on illuminated manuscripts, but since my calligraphy is rather pathetic, I illuminated but left the manuscript bit to others! In fact, I made a rather classy Christmas star (about 30cm across), that ended up on my minute Christmas tree. If I'd bought the star in a specialist shop, I would have paid about a third of the cost of the day's course, but never mind, it was fun and I met a few people.

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